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Here at footTech our main goal is to make sure you, our guest, receive the correct pair of shoes every time. The best shoe should fit your foot based on your needs. We customize our product selection based on our customers: people who are athletes, who are on their feet for long periods, who are recovering from surgery – in general, people who need to take care of their feet. Our goal is to provide customer service in finding the right shoes for you. We pay attention to the details to make you more comfortable. 

10 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Do yall help people that have neuropathy and bad circulation in feet . I’m not a diabetic but I have fybromyalgia and I’ve had lots of nerve issues including my feet and my feet are pretty flat footed could yall help me? I bought some shoes a while back when yall where on 34th street but I can’t wear them they hurt my feet. So just wandering if I can make an appointment or come in to get some relief maybe .

    • Lavette,
      You do not need an appointment. We are open 10-7 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on Saturday’s.
      We have shoes and compression socks that can help with Neuropathy and circulation. All of our employees
      can work with you to help you find some relief.

      Angie Wilkins

  2. Do you have any return policy if the shoes we buy hurt our feet terribly bad after wearing them for 4 days? I know that’s a little crazy about returning or changing shoes, but just wanted to ask. I bought some Altra shoes last week and they are not working with my feet at all. I’ve tried with and without my good inner soles, but I do not like the way they make my feet hurt.

    • Theresa,

      Just bring them in with your receipt and the staff will work with you to find one that feels good. Please bring your insoles with you for a better fit.
      We will see you soon.

      Angie Wilkins

  3. Hi I was wandering I bought some altras back in the summer 2016 I haven’t worn them I have the receipt I just was wondering if I could trade them for a different color. The ones I have are a green color I’m not much of a fan in tht color.

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