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  • Properly fitted shoes
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Running or Exercise related injuries
  • Post Surgical Shoes
  • Sciatica
  • Achy Tired Feet
  • Personalized Foot Care
  • Helping you to “Run (or walk) Happy”

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    • Pin pointing the resaon for sciatica and then using that knowledge to address the issue. Many times sciatica issues are realted to posture and the issues surrounding incorrect posture such as, hper pronation or flat feet. Correcting this issue with proper footwear or orthotics (and sometimes the combination of the two) can greatly relieve the nerves and take pressure off of the spine.

  1. I have recently been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and a Heel Spur on my right foot. The insert the doctor recommended makes me feel like i am twisting my foot to the right and walking on the side of my foot. The doctor said it would feel better with time. Can you help with this? I want to get back to my walk/run routine.

    • Michael,
      Yes we have a variety of items that can help relieve Plantar Fasciitis without the use of an orthotic. Bring the orthotic with you when you come in so we can take a look at your gait with the orthotic. From there we can work with you to find a long term solution. Plantar Fasciitis is one of those foot issues that can be cured but it takes diligence and time. We look forward to helping you.

      Angie Wilkins

  2. Yes, my mom has lymphedema and hurt feet swell. She wears bandages to decrease the swelling but lately she can’t fit into her shoes. Do you help with that?

    • Shonda,

      Yes we deal with lymphedema and swelling in the feet as well. We may need to order her in a special width but we have a good variety of styles that we can pick from. If possible it is best to bring her in when the swelling is at its peek if at possible. That will ensure that we have enough room for the swelling. We also have compression sock that help with the lymphedema.

      Angie Wilkins

    • Jessica,
      Usually a Podiatrist or a Dermatologist can help with warts on the feet. There are some over the counter medication that help also.
      Good Luck!

      Angie Wilkins

  3. I am having toe surgery in May and Dr Stephenson told me I should come see you guys about shoes. He will be fusing my big toe due to arthritis in it. What price range are we talking?

    Thank you!

    • Dan,

      If you are looking for running shoes we a good selection of footwear that helps with supination from New Balance, Brooks, Hoka and Asics. We also carry a heel wedge that can be added to any footwear. In casual shoes the Keen brand tend to accommodate the issue of supination the best. Hope this was helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have. 80-799-1122

      Angie Wilkins

      • My dad is a diabetic and has neuropathy in his feet also they get swollen do you have shoes to help with that and how much would it range

        • Raymundo,
          We have a variety of footwear that will accommodate diabetic neuropathy and swelling. They can range from $120.00 to $160.00. We do have some of our footwear on sale currently that we may could get him in as well.

          Angie Wilkins

  4. I was born with a club foot and my leg is a little less than 2inches shorter than the other. I was wondering if you do lifts for shoes.

    • We have lifts but not over 1/2 inch. I would contact Embrace Medical at 806-793-7444. They should be able to do a build on your shoes.

      Angie Wilkins

  5. I wear a 11-1/2 XN size shoe Womens & I am loo0king for someone that cxan fit me & feel good. Can you do that.

    • Sue,

      I am sorry about the late response but for some reason it did not send me an alert that you had sent a message. We do not carry a wide variety of 11-1/2’s just because most of the manufacturers do not make them but we can sure try to find something comfortable and well fitting.

      Angie Wilkins

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