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Here at footTech our main goal is to make sure you, our client, receive the correct pair of shoes every time. To fit your foot based on your needs. We customize our products to suit your specific needs. Our goal is to provide true customer service in finding the right shoes for you. We pay attention to the little details, to make you more comfortable.

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    • Our hours are 9-7 on Friday. There is no need for an appointment just come in when you wish. All of our employees can do an evaluation and help you find the right footwear for you workout needs and help with your foot pain. We look forward to helping you!


  1. Would someone from you business be interested in talking to about 10 to 20 new runners about the importance of proper footwear. My wife and I are going to be instructing the Run for God program at our church in the near future. We are just starting to get things lined up and the first night they suggest we have a local footwear specialist in to talk to the group.

    • James,

      We can certainly do a program for you. It may be beneficial to have them here at the store so we can cover the different brands and do gait analysis on a few people. But we could come out if that is better. We also have a Saturday Morning group run that they may be interested in. You can give me a call at 806-799-1122

      Angie Wilkins

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