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 Altra, Asics, Brooks, Hoka, ON-Running, New Balance, Saucony, Topo,  


Balega, Brooks, Experia, Feetures, Swiftwick

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Zensah, OS1st, FS6

Zensah       OS1st


Miscellaneous Other Products:

Plantar Fascitis Sleeves and Night Socks

Flip Belts and Fiteletic, Amphipod

Sports Shield, Body Glide and Stink Free Products

Moji and Trigger Point 

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  1. Do you have any shoes for plantar fasciitis? I see that you have sleeves and night socks, but I am looking for shoes I can wear to work. I am NOT a runner.

    • Tonya,
      Yes we carry a wide variety of footwear that can help. If you have shoes that you wear to work now sometimes we can just add an orthotic to help. We also have an information sheet on plantar fasciitis that has stretching excersises.


  2. I’m running an 800 meter at my track meet do you have any suggestions on what I shoes I should get, because my old ones are getting a bit small

    • I have a few more questions for you so I can give you the best answer/
      What are you running in now?
      Are you having any problems….knees, ankles etc..?
      Do you know if you have high, medium or low arches?

  3. I was in today and bought some sleeves. I read a comment about a sheet on planter fasciitis exercises. I would like to get one. Can you email me a copy? Thanks

  4. I am a newbie to this whole running thing and trying to get started. I am looking for new shoes. Mine are several years old. Are you the place I need to start?

    • Joyce,
      We can help you choose the proper shoe for your running goals. We can offer advise on staying injury free or help you manage any on going injuries or issues. We look forward to seeing you. If you have a shoe you have been training in please bring it with you so we can look at the wear patterns to get an idea of you strike and gait. If you have more questions please feel free to contact us 9-7 weekdays or 9-5 on Saturday. 806-799-1122.


  5. I am looking for the Altra Everyday shoe in size 8, what colors do they come in or is it only black & grey. What is the cost from your store in Lubbock?
    I have been wearing the zero drop since 2013.

    • Jeanette,

      We do carrying the Altra Everyday however we do not currently have an 8 in stock. The only colors are black and grey. We usually stock that paticular style in the fall since it is a sueded material. I believe you can order from Altra directly. If you are having trouble finding it andnwe can be of further assistance please let me know.


  6. I have a 14 year old special needs daughter that is extremely flat footed. We have “over the counter” orthotics that are ok but the bigger she gets the harder it is for her to get around…. do you have any shoe that might offer support?

    • Rebecca,
      Yes we carry Brooks and Asics that have excellent medial support and motion control so it helps with stability as well as giving support. We also have a variety of orthotics we can add to the shoes if it is needed. If you have any more question please feel free to contact any of our associates and they will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 806-799-1122

      Angie Wilkins

    • Maryjane,

      Did you receive the email for plantar fascittis that I sent a few days ago. I was traveling and was sending from my ipad and was not sure it went through?

      Angie Wilkins

    • We carry the Zensah calf sleeve and we carry Balega and Zensah compression socks that have calf compression built in.

      Angie Wilkins

    • We do not carry those particular brands but we have plenty of brands that we can address heel spurs with and a variety of heel cups that will elevate th heel and add shock absorption.

  7. Do you have any shoes that are good for crossfit style HIIT classes that also support a foot that has had plantar fasciitis?

    • Cari,

      Sorry for the delayed response but I have been out of town. To my knowledge there is not a specific crossfit shoe that has any type of support that will help with crossfit. There would be an orthotic that we can maybe add to the shoe you are currently working out in. There can be many causes for developing plantar fasciitis. If we can figure out what has caused it or irritated the fascia we can get a plan together to get rid of it. Please feel free to come by and talk with a salesman for more advice.

  8. I have had several surgeries on both feet to correct flat feet and arthritic ankles. My P.T. recommends your store as a possible place to start to get some good walking around shoes. Would you have any issues with it?

    • Lynn,
      We can help you find the right type of shoes. We do a visual gait analysis and will find out more about your arch surgeries and the arthritis. With enough information and the gait analysis I am confident that we can help you find a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

      Angie Wilkins

  9. Had an awesome experience at foot tech today. Thanks guys for taking care of my daughter’s needs. Definitely recommend this store to any runner, and will be going back in the future

    • Sandra,

      We handle shoes that qualify as diabetic for both men and women. We are however strictly retail so we do not handle insurance of any type. We should be able to find a comfortable shoe that meets the specific needs for diabetics.


    • Yes we have business casual shoes that may help relieve the tendonitis. There are a few different things that can cause one to have achilles tendonitis so we would need to address that before helping you find the appropriate footwear to help give you some relief. Please feel free to come by or give us a call if you have more questions.

      Angie Wilkins

    • We have a variety of brands that may help minimize the discomfort and help the healing process. We also carry orthotics and inserts designed for the same purpose. If you hae any other questions please feel free to contact us at 806-799-1122 or come by for a consultation with any of our associates.

      Angie Wilkins

  10. I have a question and hope can help me???

    I will be 35 in December. I have gone to the ER and seen a foot doctor and still have no answer what is wrong or why I’m having this problem.

    I get very bad pain in both of my feet, feels like someone is putting a metal pole into my feet and also someone taking a hammer to my ankles. I do have a hard time walking if I’m on my feet for too long.

    I have good support shoes that tie right now but would like to get good support slip on shoes and ones to go with everything. What would be best and how much???

    Thanks, Laura Spencer

    • Laura,

      Without seeing you I can not suggest an appropriate shoe. Please come in and allow one of our associates to do a gait analysis and bring in the shoes you are currently wearing for evaluation as well. We will also address the foot and ankle pain you are currently experiencing and help you get some relief. We have a variety of avenues to explore using footwear, compression, orthotics if necessary ect….

      If you have more question please feel free to give us a call. 806-799-1122

      Angie Wilkins

  11. I have ankle, knee, hip and back issues from years of standing for 8+ at work, and I also have scoliosis which I think affects all of that as well. Is there something you carry that will keep me from rolling my ankles and help with the knee and back pain?

    • Dawnna,

      We carry a variety of shoes and orthotics that can help with ankles, knees and hips. We can do a gait analysis and get you in something that should help. Once we can get the lower extremities stabilized that should also help out with the back issues as well.


  12. I have a hairline fracture in my 5th metatarsal and my doctor told me to wear a stiff soled shoe rather than a bit or surgery shoe. She wanted me to have something that doesn’t bend through the forefoot especially. Her suggestion was something with a wooden sole, but it doesn’t have to be as long as it’s sufficiently stiff. Do you carry anything that might work? I’m only 30 (female) and would like something not too orthopedic looking if I can get it.

    Thank you!

    • Kensey,

      We carry a variety of footwear that have what they call reduced forefoot flexion that minimizes the movement in the forefoot as the foot flexes and provides more stability. There are athletic shoes and dress casual shoes that will provide this type of function. There is a pretty good selection that is stylish and not so orthopedic.

      Angie Wilkins

  13. Do you carry shoes for a diabetic. He has had ALL toes on BOTH feet amputated. He needs a lightweight shoe that will stay on his feet when he walks. He’s pretty stable on his feet. We stuff the toes of his shoes with socks, where there would be toes. He’s tried the prosthetics but they caused sores on his feet. We don’t want that to happen again. We live in Plainview and just wanted to make sure you carried something like this before we came there. Thank you.

    • We carry a very wide variety of shoes that should accommodate the issues. Stability we can help with if we can get the right fit and weight.

      We look forward fo working with you guys!

      Angie Wilkins

  14. Do you carry any semi-rigid soft top steel toed tennis shoes? I have had atherodesis (sp) surgery on my left big toe. My job requires that I wear steel toes when i work in a warehouse as a Quality Assurance Evaluator.
    My Dr. (Stevenson) told me that after surgery i would only be able to wear semi rigid shoes to prevent stress fractures.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

    • Jon,

      We carry a variety of steel toe shoes, boots and an athletic shoe as well. Most are semi-rigid and should accommodate your foot that had surgery.
      We look forward to helping you!

      Angie Wilkins

    • Sheila,
      We have a variety of shoes in widths, brands and support. We should be able to accommodate someone with polio. If you have specific requirements needed feel free to give us a call and we can any concerns. 806-799-1122

      Angie Wilkins

    • Robert,

      All of the brands that we carry either have support that can accommodate plantar fasciitis or have removable footbeds that we can remove and add an orthotic. We also carry a variety of stretching device and foot sleeves and sock that can offer some relief.

      Angie Wilkins

  15. My 10 year old daughter has really flat feet and the school nurse suggested some insoles for her shoes. She wears a size 10 women’s. Would this be something you could help me with? I appreciate any feedback you might could give me.

    • April,
      We carry a variety of inserts for flat feet. It would be best to bring her and the shoes she normally wears in with you. We can perform a gait analysis and discuss the issues she is having. Depending on the type of shoe she is currently wearing we can try to find the appropriate type of insert.

      Angie Wilkins

  16. Hello, my grandfather was here a few weeks ago and we’re looking for some shoes with motion control, reduced flexion in the midfoot and toe that are running shoes. He says he would like Brooks or Asics.

    • We carry both Brooks and Asics in motion control with reduced forefoot flexion. The Brooks comes in a support or a neutral so we would need to know if he needs the extra support with motion control or just the neutral motion control. Give us a call if you have more questions.

      Angie Wilkins

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