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    • Chris,

      I am sorry for the delayed response but the new website system is only alerting of new comments about every three weeks.
      Yes we do carry ON’s.

    • Yes we sure do. We have quite a few styles that have removable insoles as well that will accommodate orthotics.

      Angie Wilkins

    • Hello, I’m looking for shoes that I can be comfortable, I’m on my feet all day and I am over weight and I’m walking on a torn a c l in my knee. I have tried expensive shoes and I have tried cheap shoes too, from the Brooks tennis shoes to Nike and Doctor Scholls to anything I can find you are my last result. Please help.

      • Susan,
        I would suggest doing a gait analysis so we can find the appropriate type of shoe. An expensive shoe is not necessarily the answer unless it is the right type of shoe for you. We carry a variety of brands and orthotics to add support if needed. We will be closed on Monday but our normal business hour are 9-7 Monday thru Friday and 9-5 on Saturday. I am positive we can help!!!

        Angie Wilkins

  1. Hi…was wondering if there are any shoes for my 8 year old flat flooded daughter. She has he insoles prescribed by her podiatrist. She would like a little more variety. How about shoes for Sunday dress….like for church.

  2. I am a runner and heard about your store. Would I need an appointment to come in? Do you charge for a consult? Thank you!

    • Celesta,
      There is no need for an appointment. All of the sales staff are qualified do a consultation. There is no charge for an evaluation. We look forward to seeing you.

      Angie Wilkins

    • Mike,

      We carry Keen and Merrell boots and shoes for work related footwear. We also carry a variety of inserts to help cushion work boots. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 809-799-1122

  3. I work at a restaurant, and was curious if y’all had any shoes that were non-slip. I’ve been having problems with my back, knees and ankles.

    • Taylor,
      In order to help you figure out the type of shoe you need to help your back, knees and ankles we need to do a gait analysis. Then we can find a slip resistant shoe to fit your needs. It is a free service and you can come by anytime. Bring the shoes that you currently use for work and we can go from there.

      Angie Wilkins

  4. Do y’all carry black 8″ police style boots? I wear a size 15 and can’t find anywhere that allows me to try on different types of boots.

    • Joe,
      We do not carry police style boots at this time. There is a uniform place on 34th street that was expanding the selection of boots. They might be able to help.

      Angie Wilkins

  5. I am training for a half marathon and have ran into some problems with my current shoes. I don’t think they are giving me enough support and I am developing pain in my calves and knees. I am wearing Nike running shoes currently and have medium to high arches. I believe that I pronate as well. What shoe would you recommend for me?

    • Annalisa,
      We would need to do a gait analysis to help you find the appropriate shoe. It does help if you bring your current shoes with you so we can check the wear pattern and foot strike areas. We carry such a wide variety of running and specialty running shoes that it just is not feasible to suggest a shoe until we can do an analysis and get some more information of the issues you are facing. If you have more questions please feel free to contact us at 806-799-1122.

      Angie Wilkins

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