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Here is a list of helpful resources and links for those looking for more information on fitness, healthy living and exercise.

6 thoughts on “Helpful Links

  1. I was wandering, is there a way to buy things online and using a gift card? I got a gift card from the challenge series from wtrc but I live out of town now and want to use it but I know I’m practically out of time to use it.

    • We do not have any type of online sales I’m sorry. If you would like to give us a call or send me an email with the types of things you are interested in we can certainly do it that way.
      phone 806-799-1122

      Angie Wilkins

    • Yes we are open. With the construction they keep cutting our lines. Our hours are 9-7 Monday thru Friday and Saturday 9-5.


    • Beverly,

      We currently do not have an email list. We do however post all of our sales and weekend specials on Facebook.

      Angie Wilkins

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