How does gait analysis work?

How does gait analysis work?

FootTech will perform a visual gait analysis. During your visual gait analysis, a specialist will:

  • Have you remove your shoes and socks (if necessary)
  • We will watch you walk so we can see how your foot moves
  • Pay close attention to how your arches and ankles move
  • Watch your knee movement and hip rotation
  • Look for shoulder drops and back problems
  • Address any current injuries or past injuries that may affect your work and/ or exercise routine
  • Ask questions about your fitness goals, present activity levels or training

Our trained gait analysts will talk to you about the type of activities you do, your injury history and what type of work you do. This information will allow us to find accessories that match your gait and will allow you to remain comfortable while running.

Come by our store today to have your gait analyzed by a professional.

Turn to the Experts

Make sure you buy a shoe that matches your gait

Our speciality shoe store does more than just sell shoes. Trust a trained specialist at FootTech to analyze your gait, fit you with the perfect shoe, give you nutrition and hydration advice and show you the latest in running technology. We're here to make sure running continues to be a comfortable, enjoyable experience for you.

You can rely on us to put you through a series of gait analysis tests to see if your feet are neutral, or if they pronate or supinate and to what degree. After talking to you about your goals and completing your gait analysis, a specialist can tell you which products will suit you best. We don't sell products just to sell them; we sell you what you need.

Our store is stocked with accessories for marathoners, 12K-ers, casual joggers and walkers, and those who need comfortable support for work.

We Specialize In...

  • Properly fitted shoes
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Running or Exercise related injuries
  • Post Surgical Shoes
  • Sciatica
  • Achy Tired Feet
  • Personalized Foot Care
  • Helping you to "Run (or walk) Happy"